Wednesday, October 31, 2012

US Silica Says Plans are in Preliminary Stages

U.S. Silica explained that its plans for a sand mine in the Town of Grant are in very preliminary stages in a letter sent to town chair Douglas Lambert.

October 26, 2012
Mr. Douglas Lambert Chairman 
Town of Grant 19080 Arcadia Avenue Warrens, WI 54666
Dear Chairman Lambert:

There has been much discussion over the last week regarding US Silica’s interest in building a new facility in the Town of Grant. We wanted to ensure you had accurate information and heard directly from us on where we are in the process and how we approach the issue.

First and foremost, we have not yet purchased any property and we are in the very preliminary stages of due diligence in the area. What that means is that we have done some testing on various properties and have had engineers engaged in significant environmental reviews. Both of these pieces are critical to our assessment and ultimately will influence whether or not we decide to pursue a project.

Even more important to US Silica however is establishing an open dialogue with the residents and communities where we work. Our goal is to be a true partner - protecting local quality of life and enhancing the local economy through jobs and economic development. We recognize people may have uncertainty about potential development, and that is why we work to be open, responsive and forthcoming with community leaders and neighbors. We recently went through a similar process Sparta. Thanks to open dialogue and community participation, we have been able to work hand-in-hand with neighbors and leaders to develop a plan that is mutually beneficial.

In the Town of Grant, we have consciously stayed out of the discussions regarding the proposed mining ordinance because we feel the community itself must decide what is in its best interests. If and when that issue is resolved, we will assess it along with a number of other factors to determine if an investment in the area makes sense. It is premature today to say we will build a facility in the area.

Be assured, we do not have any intention of putting forth plans in your community without first engaging in an open dialogue with leaders and community residents. We know there are many questions to those unfamiliar with how we operate. Input and community engagement have always proven to be for the better.

We will continue to stay in contact as we consider our future plans. In the meantime, more information about our company is available at Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Jahn, Mine Planning & Development Manager if you have any questions. You can reach Jeff at (301) 682-0622

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